1) Once race begins Cooter handlers may not touch their Cooter. Pushing, pulling or rubbing one’s Cooter will be grounds for disqualification.
2) No drugged Cooters will be allowed to compete. If the judges suspect a Cooter has been drugged and the Cooter Veterianarian verifies, the parties responsible will be fined, or better yet, sentenced to clean up the Cooter Race Track Area after the Race.
3) No foreign substances such as grease or oil can be placed on one’s Cooter to increase its speed.
4) Shouting, yelling, and coaxing one’s Cooter during the race is encouraged.
5) Cooter handlers are required to provide a safe environment for their Cooters before and after the race.
6) The Cooter Committee will provide a Cooter holding tank for those Cooter handlers unable to return their Cooters to their natural habitat after the race.
7) Cooter handlers found mishandling or mistreating their Cooters will automatically be disqualified.
8) Any violations to the Cooter Race Rules will force the Cooter judges to disqualify the Cooter Handler from the Race Competition.
9) Decisions of Cooter judges are final and there are no appeals.