1. Have more fun, put a Cooter on the run
2. Cooter Fest is the Best
3. Rain or Shine its Cooter time
4. If you think your Cooter runs best . . . bring it to the Cooter Fest
5. Cootermania
6. Nothing could be finer than racing your Cooter in Carolina
7. I brake for all Cooters
8. Lets see your face at the Carolina Cooter Race
9. I’m a Carolina Cooter Rooter
10. Cooter Buster
11. I’m a member of the Carolina Cooter Racing Team
12. Toot . . . If you are a Cooter Lover
13. Smile . . . If you are a Cooter Lover
14. I love Carolina Cooters
15. Have you hugged your Cooter Today?
16. I love fast Cooters
17. Happiness is a fast Cooter
18. I’m a Cooter Tutor
19. I train fast Cooters
20. I race fast Cooters