1) Fishermen use Cooter eggs for bait
2) Cooters are relished as food in many localities
3) Adult female Cooters as a rule have a shell about one foot long
4) Male Cooters are smaller than female Cooters
5) Male Cooters have long toenails on their forelimbs. During courtship the male Cooters use these long nails to stroke the head of the female Cooter
6) Female Cooters lay eggs twice a year
7) Cooter eggs take 90 days to hatch
8) Male Cooters reach maturity in 3 years, while it takes female Cooters 6 years to mature
9) Adult Cooters feed chiefly on grasses and other plants
10) Allendale County has been notified by the Olympic Site Search Committee that Allendale County is being considered as a possible site for International Cooter Racing